Kaveny + Kroll


Chicago’s Premier Personal Injury Firm

Making a Name in a Crowded Market

The ambulance-chaser reputation exists for a reason, but it’s not because of Kaveny + Kroll. This new law firm launched on the strength of the attorneys’ reputations for the challenging, complex cases that other firms can’t handle. Mauge created a full brand to appeal to these potential clients, creating consumer confidence that someone is finally on their side.

CLIENT: Kaveny + Kroll

DISCIPLINES: Product & Retail, Professional Services, Corporate Identity, Social, Digital, Integrated



Branding for a Life of the City

Never settle. ASPIRE.

Draper & Kramer was launching a new residential building for younger professionals, many in tech or finance, who wanted to be “of the city” rather than just in it, and to live where they play, all while enjoying a short commute. They came to Mauge to create the brand for this true urban lifestyle development, and we delivered. The new Aspire brand appeals to those who set trends, do not play catch-up, and never settle. Aspire launched during the spring of the 2020 Pandemic, and quickly gathered a dozen leases.

CLIENT: Draper & Kramer

DISCIPLINES: Real Estate, Branding, Marketing, Identity